Our History

Founding Pastors

Special Thanks to our founding pastors George and Carolyn White! We thank you for the work that began in December of 1973 when the Christian House of Prayer made its official beginning. Your work, dedication and profound love have been an inspiration to many. Thank you for the sacrifices you made to make sure the gospel was preached and lives were transformed by the Spirit of God. Thank you for teaching us to value the Word of God, to seek truth, and to walk in the path God has chosen for each one of us. Thank you for loving this congregation, praying for us as if we were your own children, and giving your lives to the work of Christ. Thank you for baptizing us in Jesus’ name, teaching us to yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit and to seek truth according to the Word of God. You taught us to follow the LORD, first and foremost, by searching His Word, praying with faith believing that we have what we ask for, and then stepping out in obedience to the Word of God. You taught us to receive the world as Christ received it. To see our fellow man, not as rich or poor or black or white, but as souls that God loves beyond measure. Your example of faith, love, prayer and seeking the Word has laid the foundation for the Church to be built.

Church History

In 1973, George and Carolyn White began a mid-week Bible Study in the Portage Lake area. The Bible study group experienced continual growth and in the first year 120 were baptized in Jesus Name and 85 received the gift of the Holy Spirit speaking with other tongues. The need for a church building was apparent, so a small church building was rented in Dexter on Baker Road. The Lord continued to add to the church in numbers, in love and with special manifestations of the Holy Spirit. After ten years the present building was purchased and within five years the church was debt free. Today, it continues to deliver the message of faith in Jesus Christ, provide a place of worship to exalt our Lord, and build the Kingdom of God for His glory. May the work begun in 1973 continue to be anointed, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and be blessed until the return of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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